Your screen may occasionally blackout for a second and then return to lớn normal, as if nothing ever happened…
The system will now scan for any pending updates. If found, click Download Now (if they vì chưng not start downloading automatically).Once downloaded, click Install Now (if the updates vày not start to install automatically).Once installed, reboot the computer.When you return, check if the problem still persists.

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Change nguồn Plan to lớn Best Performance

It may be possible that your GPU is not receiving sufficient power to lớn perform. If this is the case, try optimizing your PC for maximum nguồn by changing its power nguồn plan. Here is how to bởi vì it:

Navigate lớn the following:Settings app >> System >> Power và BatteryHere, select Best performance from the drop-down thực đơn in front of Power mode.

Once the power plan has been changed, kiểm tra if the problem still persists.

Turn Off links State power nguồn Management

A feature in Windows known as “Link State power nguồn Management” controls how much power to lớn save when your computer falls asleep, as opposed khổng lồ the time it takes khổng lồ recover from sleep.For example, when configured khổng lồ maximize power nguồn savings, your PC saves maximum power, but takes a few seconds khổng lồ wake it. As opposed lớn Moderate power nguồn savings, which consumes a bit more power, but reduces the latency for it to lớn recover.By default, Windows has set this to lớn Maximum power nguồn Savings, which could potentially lead khổng lồ the GPU driver going into sleep mode when it shouldn’t.

Follow the steps below to lớn turn off the feature completely so it does not save power:

Change power Mode to Maximum Performance

By default, the power mode for the network adapters is set to “Medium power Saving” in the case of a laptop in Windows 11. This needs khổng lồ be changed khổng lồ Maximum Performance lớn rule out the cause of disconnection being a nguồn concern. Here is how to do it:Open the Power Options in the Control Panel by typing in powercfg.cpl in Run.Click Change plan settings in front of Selected plan.
Now select Off from the drop-down menu in front of On battery and Plugged in. Then click Apply & Ok.
Now check to see if the problem persists. If it does, there are still a few other mitigation tasks you can perform.

Reset Visual Effects Settings

If you have recently updated your visual effects settings, your GPU may not perform due to lớn the new configuration. If so, you need lớn reset those settings using the following steps:

Open System Propeties by typing in sysdm.cpl in Run.From the SYstem Properties window, switch lớn the Advanced tab and then click Settings under Performance.
From the pop-up, select “Adjust for best performance,” then click Apply and OK.

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Now restart your computer and kiểm tra to see if you still see the “Display driver stopped responding và has recovered” prompt.

Disable GPU Overclocking

Users often overclock their GPUs lớn get more performance out of it. This may work in some cases, but causes the GPU khổng lồ overwork itself, resulting in overheating. Therefore, it is recommended that you return any hardware to its original frequencies, may it be RAM, GPU, or CPU.If that solves the problem, we suggest that you do not overclock your GPU. If you still want to, you gradually increase its frequency without pushing the frequency too far that it affects the driver’s performance.

Clean Hardware (RAM và GPU)

Over time, carbon buildup in the contacts of RAM and the graphics thẻ can affect the transmission of information between your device’s motherboard và the hardware. Due khổng lồ this buildup, your GPU & RAM cannot function properly.That is why, as a possible solution to lớn the problem, it is recommended that you clean your hardware occasionally ensuring all contacts are clean with no carbon or dust particles.

Increase Allowed Processing Time

If all the solutions suggested till now have failed to lớn resolve your issue, it is likely your graphics thẻ needs more time khổng lồ process the information, which causes the screen to lớn blackout and throw the error.

This can be done by increasing the time delay allowed by TDR. Note that the process involves making changes khổng lồ the Windows Registry, which could harm your OS if not properly done. Therefore, we suggest you create a system restore point before proceeding with the steps given below:Open the Registry Editor by typing in regedit in Run.Now paste the following into the address bar for quick navigation:ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlGraphicsDrivers

Now right-click GraphicsDriver, expand New, & then click DWORD (32-bt) Value.
Name this new DWORD “TdrDelay.”Now double-click TdrDelay and set its Value Data lớn 8, then click OK.
Now restart your computer for the changes to take place.Once it reboots, check to see if it solves your problem.

Closing Words

In this post, we have discussed all possible solutions for the “Display driver stopped responding và has recovered” prompt. If you are still unable to resolve the problem, the only thing left to bởi vì would be to lớn replace your GPU, since this one clearly has a problem causing your driver to fail.

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