The best PDF readers for game android make it simple và easy to lớn manage PDF files on your điện thoại thông minh or tablet, allowing you to lớn edit, annotate, merge, & more.

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While it"s possible to lớn read PDF files already using app android devices, for most people that"s about all they can vì with them. If you want to do anything more with PDFs then you"ll almost certainly need khổng lồ install additional software khổng lồ your android device.

Luckily, there are a lot of different PDF apps available, which allow all sorts of additional functions và features khổng lồ be opened up. This includes the ability lớn edit PDF files (opens in new tab), which can be invaluable for users. Other features might include the ability to annotate PDF files as well as print them out, or even insert forms & similar for really user-interactive PDF files.

While Adobe Acrobat might be the first phầm mềm people might think of, not least because it was Adobe who originally developed the PDF format, there are also other PDF apps well worth looking at.

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So lớn help you make a decision, here"s a round up of the best in app android PDF apps that we could find.

We"ve also highlighted the best free PDF editors.

The best PDF editor right now is: Adobe Acrobat Pro DCNeed to edit a PDF, not just view it? It"s not free, but for professional results, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the tool for you. It gives you total freedom to create PDFs from scratch & edit existing documents without fuss, on desktop or mobile." data-widget-type="deal" data-render-type="editorial">

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1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

The best overall PDF reader for Android
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Reasons khổng lồ buy
Advanced tools available
Excellent document compatibility
Reliable khung filling
Access scanned documents via miễn phí app

Adobe Acrobat Reader (opens in new tab) is one of the most powerful PDF apps. Even the basic không lấy phí version offers more than enough functionality for most situations, and excellent document compatibility means you should be able to view even the most complex of PDFs as it was meant lớn be seen.

Open a PDF from the website or giới thiệu a document from another app và Acrobat Reader quickly displays it in a simple viewer. You"re able lớn scroll around the document, zoom in và out or use simple searches, và everything works more or less exactly as you would expect.

Advanced features in the paid-for version include form filling and signing, và you"re able to annotate files, highlight text, plus you can địa chỉ cửa hàng and manage PDF comments.

The ứng dụng is designed lớn work with many other Adobe services and products. Some of these are free, including cloud storage when you sign up for an Adobe account, và the OCR-powered Adobe Scan phầm mềm which enables using your device as a PDF scanner, turning receipts, business cards, whiteboards và anything else into searchable, editable PDFs.

The commercial extensions aren"t always such good value. Converting files to & from PDF, reordering và rotating pages, are functions that other tools often vì for free. Still, you don"t have lớn sign up, and the không tính tiền app delivers all the viewing functionality that many users will need.