Miko Matsuda posing for pre-release promotions for Honey Popcorn. Image Credit: Kyun Create

Earlier this year, Yua Mikami spearheaded a passion project to khung a new K-pop girl group. Along with Moko Sakura & Miko Matsuda, they formed Honey Popcorn. Back in March, they officially debuted with their single album titled Bibidi Babidi Boo.

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Now eight months later, Honey Popcorn is losing one of their members as Matsuda has announced she will “graduate” from the group.

The news of Miko Matsuda “graduating” from Honey Popcorn was made known on Sunday, December 22, 2018. She uploaded a post (and replied with an English translation) on her official Twitter as an announcement khổng lồ the public.

海外の方も多いので、翻訳しました?‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/Ml7NfW48Bq

— 松田美子 (
miko__m1028) December 23, 2018

Reasons to lớn leave K-pop behind

From what we can discern from Miko Matsuda’s Twitter post, there are possibly two main reasons why she is “graduating” from Honey Popcorn.

The first reason is Miko Matsuda’s health. In her post, Matsuda talks about the harsh environment of being a K-pop idol và how she lost physical conditioning without being able lớn keep up with her mind và body. She also laments on how such a state “causes inconvenience” for the other members of Honey Popcorn và other associated staff.

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The second reason is being a K-pop idol interfering with her main business. One detail about the members of Honey Popcorn that has caused controversy is the fact all three of them are Japanese adult đoạn clip (JAV) models. There each member found major success.

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When the members of Honey Popcorn started their venture, they never iterated if they quit or were still partaking in JAVs. For Miko Matsuda, it is presumed she at least is still doing them as JAVs are at the moment a secure và viable source of income, unlike her foray into K-pop.

Leaving her mark in K-pop

Miko Matsuda may no longer be in K-pop but she did leave her mark in it being a part of Honey Popcorn. First off, Honey Popcorn has no real backing as they have no real footing in K-pop. Yet, they’ve done a more than decent job integrating into the business.

Honey Popcorn’s debut sold over 1,500 physical albums in South Korea which is eye-opening for a girl group from a small entertainment agency nobody has ever heard of & is probably originally not based out of Korea.

Their tuy vậy Bibidi Bobidi Boo has over 3.5 million views collectively among their two music videos. That is better than certain K-pop girl groups who even have promotions on Korean television.

Even though Miko Matsuda is no longer with Honey Popcorn, many of her fans she’s made being a part of them wish her well in her future endeavors.

As for Honey Popcorn, Yua Mitami và Moko Sakura will continue onward as a duo. They are reported to make their K-pop comeback in 2019 approximately one year after their debut.