Live music in Ho chi Minh is never far away.

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Whether you are looking for relaxing background melody or a rip roaring rock session, Vietnam’s largest city has a place for you. Of course, most of the major hotels have live music entertainment, with Rex khách sạn and Carravelle khách sạn having rooftop bands every night of the week, but if you want khổng lồ get out of the hotel and see what kind of musicians are entertaining the crowds in Ho chi Minh then kiểm tra out our five recommendations of the best live music bars in the city:

1 Acoustic Bar

The Acoustic Bar in Ho đưa ra Minh is the venue of choice for Vietnam’s up and coming rock musicians. This is the place where legends never die & you can hear amazing renditions of – amongst others – Jimi Hendrix, The Doors và John Lennon. But it’s not limited to lớn the classics; the international roster of musicians is không tính tiền to rock on with anthems from any era. The place itself is part bar, part cafe, with plenty of sofas for chilling with a coffee in the early evening and standing room for when it heats up at night – there is no food served at The Acoustic Bar though so be sure to lớn fill up beforehand. This place is packed practically every night with a pleasant set of Vietnamese và foreigners so if you only have one night for live music in Ho đưa ra Minh we recommend The Acoustic Bar. You’ll have no trouble finding the bar, just look out for an artistically upturned VW Beetle lớn guide the way. Read More... Opening Hours: 18:00 – 24:00 (live music from 21:00, except on Sunday) Address: 6E1 Ð Ngo Thoi Nhiem, District 3 Tel: +84 (0) 8 3930 2239

2 Sax n’ Art Jazz Club

Dark & smoky, this live jazz bar is chất lượng in Ho chi Minh – somewhere to listen to lớn contemporary jazz with subtle Vietnamese influences thanks khổng lồ the talented owner who plays several traditional instruments on stage. Sax n‘ Art is more expensive than most bars in the city, and some people are put off by the $5 entry không lấy phí added to their first drink, but that is the price you must pay to listen lớn Vietnam’s best jazz band in a compact and personal space. The house band weaves between jazz standards & into some more avant-garde compositions, & many touring musicians have been known lớn frequent the club owned by Vietnam’s foremost jazz saxophone player. This bar is easy lớn find on Le Loi, not far from Ben Thanh Market, with live music every night of the week. Read More... Opening Hours: 19:00 – 24:00 (live music from 21:00) Address: 28 Le Loi, District 1 Tel: +84 (0) 8 3822 8472

3 Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock coffe is a bar that needs no introduction – creative cocktails, huge portions of tex-mex favourites, memorabilia on the walls & a kick ass live band khổng lồ entertain you after dinner.

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It’s a formula that has won plaudits from thành phố new york to New Deli và keeps tourists returning again và again. The live bands at Hard Rock cafe in Ho chi Minh are technically excellent & play a varied & middle-of-the-road selection of rock ballads and a few anthems lớn get people out of their chairs & singing along. Hard Rock cà phê Ho đưa ra Minh is tourist và family-friendly with a bar menu of Western classics that could quell the hunger of a wildebeest. Particular favourites include the intimidating barbeque rack of ribs & their legendary burgers. The bar is easy to lớn find in Kumho Asiana Plaza, a sparklingly new lifestyle mall with several other restaurants and shops, close lớn the Botanical Gardens. Opening Hours: Weekdays 11:00 – 24:00, Weekends 11:00 – 02:00 (Live music from 21:00) Address: 39 Le Duan street, District 1 Tel: +84 (0) 8 6291 7595

4 Yoko Bar

A short moto-taxi out from Ho đưa ra Minh’s tourist centre, Yoko Bar plays host lớn an assortment of bands playing rock và acoustic jazz pop in a smallish bar with a unique ‘lived in’ style. This is a true live music bar so there are bands playing every night of the week with a regular crowd of Ho bỏ ra Minh scenesters & expats. Expect lớn hear some classic rock tunes along with some singer/songwriter type songs – & if the feeling grabs you, you are không tính phí to go up & sing with the band! There are plenty of comfy sofas and a small upstairs space with a great view of the performers. Yoko Bar is an authentic Ho chi Minh venue that doesn’t rely on tourism so it’s the perfect place to sit back with a beer or cocktail and see how the cool kids have fun. Opening Hours: 19:00 – 24:00 (Live music from 21:00) Address: 22A Nguyen Thi Dieu, District 3 Tel: +84 (0) 8 3933 0577

5 Seventeen Saloon

Picture this: a Filipino band line nhảy in Stetson hats & cowboy boots in a wooden, saloon type bar in Ho chi Minh City. Sound interesting? Then you have to check out Seventeen Saloon: a two storey live music hall with rock & roll on both floors & a mostly Vietnamese crowd. Bands play all night at đứng đầu volume so this isn’t the best place for quiet chat but if you’re in the mood for some U2, Bon Jovi và other heavy rock standards then this corner bar across the park from the famous New World skyscraper will give you an amazingly fun – if not slightly surreal – night out. This is an easygoing bar where waitresses are dressed up in sexy country và western garb và the bands play late into the night. Its location halfway between the backpacker part of town & the central tourist area means the foreigners who do make it here are always an eclectic & interesting bunch. Read More... Opening Hours: 19:00 – 02:00 (live music from 21:00) Address: 103A Pham dại dột Lao Street, District 1 Tel: +84 (0) 8914 0007