By default, Windows automatically stops a device when it detects errors in hardware or software related lớn the device. You can find below different methods to lớn fix “Windows Has Stopped This Device Code 43” error in Windows computers.

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Windows Has Stopped This Device Code 43

Whenever Windows detects a software or hardware related error in a device, it automatically stops the device to prevent the computer from being damaged and comes up the following error message.

“Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)”.

In most cases, the reason of Code 43 error on a Windows computer is usually due lớn a Device driver failing khổng lồ load, crashing due lớn a problem or being outdated or corrupted.

1. Shut Down và Restart

Click on Start Button > nguồn > Shut Down và wait for the computer khổng lồ completely nguồn OFF. After 60 seconds, press the nguồn button lớn restart the computer.

As the computer restarts, it should load up the right driver software, as required for proper functioning of all the hardware devices on your computer.

2. Kiểm tra Device Manager

Right-Click on the Start button và click on Device Manager option. On Device Manager Screen, right-click on the Faulty or Unknown device and click on Properties.


On the next screen, go khổng lồ the Driver tab & click on Update Driver button.


On the next screen, click on search Automatically for updated driver software option and allow Windows to tìm kiếm and install the right drivers.

3. Install Updates

Go khổng lồ Settings > Updates và Security > click on Windows Update in the left pane. In the right-pane, click on kiểm tra for Updates button.


If Updates are available, the latest available device drivers will also be installed on your computer.

4. Disable Fast Startup

The Fast Startup feature on Windows computers has also been blamed for causing this problem.

Go lớn Settings > System > click on Power và Sleep in the left pane. In the right-pane, scroll down and on Additional nguồn Settings Link.

On nguồn Options Screen, click on Choose What the power nguồn Buttons vì chưng link.


On the next screen, scroll down to lớn “Shutdown Settings” and uncheck Turn on fast startup option.

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Click on Save Changes button.

Restart the computer > go to Device Manager & see if any device is reporting this error.

5. Uninstall & Reinstall Device Drivers

Right-click on the Start button & click on Device Manager. On Device Manager screen, right-click on the Faulty Device & click on Uninstall Device option.


After this, right-click on the action tab & click on Scan for hardware changes.


After this, go through the Device Manager screen khổng lồ make sure that there is entry reporting error with a yellow exclamation mark.

6. Prevent Windows from Turning OFF Device

The problem could also be related khổng lồ the default tendency of Windows to switch OFF nguồn supply to unused USB ports.

Right-Click on Start button & click on Device Manager option. On Device Manager Screen, right-click on USB Root Hub and click on Properties.


On the Properties screen, click on power Management tab và uncheck the option for “Allow the computer to lớn turn off this device khổng lồ save power” và click on OK.


Repeat the above steps for other USB Root Hubs (If any) and Restart your computer.

7. Disable USB Selective Suspend Setting

Another mặc định setting in Windows computers is lớn conserve nguồn by suspending nguồn supply khổng lồ inactive USB devices. This can sometimes lead to lớn Code 43 errors.

Go to lớn Settings > System > Power & Sleep, scroll down and click on Additional power Settings Link.

On power Options screen, click on Change Plan Settings liên kết located next to lớn the current power nguồn Plan.


Next, click on Change Advanced power nguồn Settings link.


On the next screen, click on USB Settings > USB selective suspend setting and select disabled option for “Plugged in” và also for “On Battery” in case you are using a Laptop.